Steering Committee

The Steering Committee will act as a managerial decision-making body for the project and will be responsible for supporting the project co-ordinators and project manager, and for ensuring the smooth implementation, as well as any necessary evolution, of the work plan. It will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the project. It will consist of a representative from each partner. Each member shall be authorised to deliberate, negotiate and decide on all matters on behalf of their institute/company.

Steering Committee members:

  • Prof. René Bernards (NKI), Chair
  • Prof. Wiliam Gallagher (UCD), Vice-Chair
  • Dr. Thierry Dubois (IC)
  • Dr. Karin Jirström (LU)
  • Prof. Carlos Caldas (CAM)
  • Prof. Josep Tabernero (VHIO)
  • Ms. Inès Goossens-Beumer (AG)
  • Dr. Máirín Rafferty (OM)